What Is A Hair Straightener Comb And How To Use It?


If your hair is wavy and curly or does not easily get the shape you want, you have tried tools such as blow dryers, hair straighteners, and curlers for years. Using these types of tools every day damages your hair and it also takes a lot of time to use them. If you have not tried hair straightening combs until now, these may be the solution you are looking for.

Hair straightening combs result in results similar to those you get with blow dryers and hair straighteners while reducing your hair breakage and damage. You can reach the best result in the shortest time thanks to these combs, which are also easy to use.

How to use a hair straightener comb?

How to use a hair straightener comb? | What is a Hair Straightener Comb and How to Use it?

For best results with the straightening comb, you can wash your hair before straightening. Washing your hair will help keep the shape you get longer. That's why it is important to be ready with your clean and unprocessed hair before straightening.

First of all, if your hair will normally see any heat, you need to use some protective products for your hair. Heat protectant products on the market are available in various forms in the form of a serum, oil, or spray. Which one you want to use is up to you. Using the right products will help your hair gain moisture and resist heat. Although hair straightening combs are more gentle than other tools, do not forget to use protective products for your hair.

You can spray the product directly on your hair or spread it with your hands to protect your hair from heat. An important point here is to apply the product not on the roots, but rather on the length of the hair and mostly on the ends of the hair. Because the ends of the hair are the craziest places in our hair and when they are broken, they are irreversible. If you apply the product intensively to the ends and apply the remaining part to the other places, you will protect your hair while keeping it not greasy.

How to use a hair straightener comb? | What is a Hair Straightener Comb and How to Use it?

You should remember that the straightening comb is different from a regular comb. If your hair is tangled, opening them with a regular comb or brush before straightening will make your job easier during the straightening process.

We mentioned that you should use the straightening comb after washing your hair. However, this does not mean that you can use it on wet hair. Since such products damage wet hair more, you can leave your hair to dry on its own before the procedure. If you have a time limit, you can dry it with a blow dryer. Once you are sure that your hair is thoroughly dry, you can proceed to straighten it. Remember that high temperatures can damage wet hair more.

For the best results, you can separate your hair into strands and apply it instead of going over your entire hair with a straightening comb. Regardless of whether your hair is thin or thick, separate your hair with the help of a hairpin. It will make your job easier to gather the tops first and start straightening your lower hair. Before you start straightening, adjust the temperature according to your hair type. If your hair is dyed or damaged, you should keep the temperature lower. When adjusting the comb temperature, first set lower temperatures and increase the temperature if necessary.

If the temperature of the hair straightening comb has reached the levels you want, it's time for straightening. For best results, take a lock of your hair and start straightening it by placing a comb under your raised hair. When you use the comb in this way, your hair will be more voluminous and beautifully straightened.

separate your hair into tufts and straighten | What is a Hair Straightener Comb and How to Use it?

After straightening your hair the way you want, leave it as it is without much intervention with your hands. You can then move on to the rest of your hair. Also, make sure you do not get a large amount of hair in one go.  If you can't see the straightener's nails or brush, then you need to reduce the tuft you take. You should not be in a hurry while straightening your hair. Or you may not get the straight hair you want. However, if you go over the hair very slowly, the risk of burning your hair will increase. For this reason, you need to set the time well. You should straighten the same hair without overlooking it, but at the same time not being sloppy.

Once you have finished straightening all of your hair, you can turn off your straightening comb. However, it is worth remembering that some combs also have a cooler function. So you can think of it as the setting of the blow dryer that blows cold. When you apply this, the shape of your hair will be more permanent. If your comb does not have such a feature, you can do the same by turning on your blow dryer.

If you have achieved the shape you want, you can fix them with hairspray. If you're completely done with the comb, be sure to clean it thoroughly before putting it away. Because the products you put on your hair will cause residues to accumulate on the comb. After cleaning the comb with a cloth, lift it in place so that your straightening comb will have a longer life.

At what intervals should I straighten my hair?

At what intervals should I straighten my hair? | What is a Hair Straightener Comb and How to Use it?

Depending on your washing habit, the duration of using straight hair will change. If you wash your hair every day, you need to straighten it every day. However, if you wash it every few days, your hair will not deteriorate so much until the next time you wash it. There may be deterioration in your hair, especially after lying down. You can use the comb again to prevent them. But make sure you don't practice as intense as the first time. Also, you don't need to raise the temperature as much as the first time. A heat setting that is enough for your hair to take shape will do the trick.

Since the heat is spread evenly on the hair straightening combs, it will be enough to go over the hair strand a few times. This will reduce the time you spend on your hair, especially in the morning. The combs perform a gentler straightening than a blow-dry. The results you get from straightening combs, which are also extremely easy to use, will be quite satisfactory.

How should I choose my hair straightener comb?

How should I choose my hair straightener comb? | What is a Hair Straightener Comb and How to Use it?

You can find many straightening combs when you search the internet. Some offer higher temperatures for better results for thick and curly hair, while others have lower temperature settings for thin and colored hair. If you research the combs for your hair type, you will get better results when using them. You can definitely find the right hair straightener combs for you, which offer an extremely gentle and easy hair straightening.

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