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People always want what they don't have. In other words, women with straight hair care for curly hair, and curly hair for straight hair. There are no women who are not bored with their hair and most of us focus on different hair types. Fortunately, there is an alternative application like perm!

What is Perm?

What is Perm? | Care Tips for Permed Hair

They are chemicals applied to your hair. It helps to temporarily break the bonds in your hair and thus the bonds are restructured. This process allows you to have permanent curls. Hair that goes through such processes is called permed hair.

Perming involves the use of chemicals that help break the inner bonds in each strand of your hair. After the bonds are broken, the hair is reshaped and curled using hot rods and rollers. It is then made permanent with the help of a neutralizer.

Types of Perms

Hot Perm

Hot Perm | Care Tips for Permed Hair

The hair is treated first with a relaxing treatment that helps break the bonds. Then your hair is styled with heated curling sticks. The thickness of the bars depends on how loose or tight you want your curls to be. Your hair is ultimately heat treated.

This process can take four hours or more, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. With the hot perm method, you can have curls of various lengths that give you a very natural look. Your hair will be straight when wet but curled as it dries. This method is especially used for people with thick hair. The process is expensive. However, it does less damage to hair than other methods.

Cold Perm

Cold Perm | Care Tips for Permed Hair

In this process, your hair is first wetted with an alkaline solution. It is then wrapped tightly in small curls using rollers. The process can take 2 to 2.5 hours. The curls you get with this method remain frizzy even when wet or when you use a product. The process is more economical than the hot perm method and works on almost all hair types.

These methods can be applied in different halls with different names. The way to determine which perm method is best for you is to consult an expert hairstylist. In addition, if you determine your hair type by consulting the hair specialist, you can decide more easily which process to choose.


Care Tips for Permed Hair

It is a process that requires special care for your hair. Failure to take proper care of your hair can shorten the life of the perm. If you do not care for it properly, you can cause permanent damage to your hair.

Suspend All Other Transactions

Suspend All Other Transactions | Care Tips for Permed Hair

To get a perm, your hair must be in very good condition initially. You should be sure to care for your hair with nourishing hair products. Unhealthy hair cannot withstand the perm process. For this reason, you should not have a perm before you intensively care for your hair. Put all other hair treatments on hold. Wait at least 2-3 months.

Nourish Your Hair

Nourish Your Hair | Care Tips for Permed Hair

When your hair is permed, it suffers protein damage. This is because the protein bonds of each hair strand that shape your hair are broken and regenerated. To help repair this damage, you need to nourish your hair with needed protein supplements. You can choose protein-containing hair restorative care products. This will help straighten and strengthen hair bonds, or you can prepare your own protein-containing hair care treatments at home.

Practice Powerful Care

Practice Powerful Care | Care Tips for Permed Hair

Once you have a perm, you will find that your hair needs to be moist all the time. Any process damages the hair. The only way to reverse the damage and restore health to hair is to moisturize. You should care for your hair at least twice a week.

After a few weeks, you can reduce it to once a week. You will find that these maintenance practices can actually be quite healing.

Especially choose natural care masks that are affordable and contain no chemicals.

Use the Right Products

Use the Right Products | Care Tips for Permed Hair

Once you have a perm on your hair, you cannot use the products you used to use. It is time to switch to products that will be gentler on the hair, and using suitable products for treated hair will help moisturize your hair. Choose products specifically designed for a perm. A simple tip to keep in mind when choosing a shampoo; You should use sulfate-free products. Because sulfate dries the hair even more.

Less Washing, More Moisture

Use the Right Products | Care Tips for Permed Hair

As I mentioned earlier, your hair needs moisture after a perm. A sure-fire method to make sure your hair is getting the moisture it needs is to wash it less often. Regardless of whether your shampoo contains sulfates or not, washing your hair less often will restore the moisture and natural oils your hair needs. However, it is important that you never skip moisturizing.

Another important thing to keep in mind is not to towel dry your hair after washing it.

Drying and Detangling Process

Drying and Detangling Process | Care Tips for Permed Hair

The first thing you should do after you get a perm is to run to a cosmetics store and get yourself a wide-spaced wooden comb and a soft hairbrush. Now there is a very specific method you should follow when it comes to detangling the hair.

First, you need to gently comb your hair with a wide comb while it is damp. Then dry your hair. While you wait for your hair to dry, apply your moisturizing products. After drying, loosen worse knots with a comb and then gently brush the hair once with a brush. Running your wet fingers through your hair will help reactivate the products in your hair, which will help straighten your curls.

Take it from the ends regularly

Take it from the ends regularly | Care Tips for Permed Hair

Damage is inevitable after the hair has been treated. The only way to keep your hair healthy is to remove the ends every 6 to 8 weeks and prevent further hair breakage. Even if you plan to grow your hair, you should cut your hair at the ends. It will also help it grow more quickly.

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