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Hair coloring is one of the preferred methods for making hair changes. While some women dye their hair at home, others add a different color to their hair by applying to a professional. If you will not make marginal changes in your hair and dye it in colors close to your own hair color, you can apply it as is without any other action. However, in some cases, such an application is not enough.

If you are going to try colors lighter than your original hair color on your hair, or if your hair is already dyed and you want to change its color, you need to lighten your hair color before hair coloring. Especially if you want to get blonde hair or try colors such as blue, pink, green, your hair color will need to be opened a lot. The best way to lighten your hair color is to consult with a hairdresser you trust. Thus, you will have lightened your hair color so that your hair will see the least damage. However, you may want to have the application done in your own home. In such a case, you have to do the application very carefully. Because if your hair is damaged, it will be very difficult to compensate.

What ingredients will I need to lighten my hair color at home?

What ingredients will I need to lighten my hair color at home? | How To Use Hair Lightener

To lighten your hair, you will first need a hair-lightening powder. You have to choose your hair lightening powder from among the best brands you will find on the market. When you use a bad and poor quality hair opener, your hair may be damaged and this may lead to hair loss. In addition, if you prefer blue or purple colors while buying a hair opener, you can avoid unwanted reflections in your hair.

You need to use a suitable peroxide for your hair along with the hair-lightening powder. Peroxide is a liquid substance that activates the hair detangling powder. Peroxide liquid is available in 10, 20, 30 and 40 volumes. These show how strong the liquid is. You have to choose its degree according to your hair and the color you want to lighten. We can say that the hair color scale consists of 10 colors. Number 1 corresponds to the black color; Number 10 represents the lightest yellow. You should decide how long you need to lighten your hair according to your hair color.

- Peroksitler için farklı hacimler olduğundan bahsetmiştik. Cilt 10 genellikle çok koyu saçları etkilemez. Genelde açık renkli saçlarınız varsa veya saçınız doğal olarak açıksa, birkaç ton açmak için 10 numaralı sesi seçebilirsiniz.

- If your hair is light brown and you want to apply a bit of toning, volume 20 will be enough for you. With volume 20, you can lighten your hair up to two or three tons.

- With volume 30 peroxide, your hair color will be lightened by three or four tones. However, be careful not to keep the peroxide in your hair too long. Otherwise, it may cause sensitivity in your scalp. If you have sensitive skin, be careful to apply the peroxide in a way that it does not come into contact with your scalp and hands. If you want to lighten your hair to a very light blond, you need to apply the peroxide not in one go, but in two or three different sessions. Be careful not to apply the sessions one after the other.

- Volume 40 will allow you to open your hair to the level you want, but the more damage it will do. Therefore, if you are not professional in hair, it would be healthier not to apply volume 40 peroxide. Even if you apply it, do not keep it in your hair for more than ten minutes.

What you need to pay attention before lightening your hair color

Before you lighten your hair, there are some points you need to pay attention to in order to protect their health

What you need to pay attention before lightening your hair color | How To Use Hair Lightener

You need to stop dyeing your hair at least 3 months before hair opening. Of course, the best thing to open your hair is to process your own natural hair color. However, if you do not have such a chance, you should apply hair opener after not dyeing your hair for at least 3 months so that your hair is not damaged too much. If you do the procedures that will damage your hair frequently, you may cause irreversible damage.

What you need to pay attention before lightening your hair color | How To Use Hair Lightener

If you want to lighten your hair, you must make sure that they are healthy. For this, you need to style your hair without using heat for a few months before the procedure. Also make sure your shampoo is free of alcohol and sulfates. Substances such as alcohol and sulphate cause your hair to lose moisture. Your hair that loses its moisture will also suffer a lot from the hair opening process.

What you need to pay attention before lightening your hair color | How To Use Hair Lightener

You need to moisturize your hair intensely for at least two weeks before bleaching. For this, you need to find and buy masks of a good brand that deeply moisturize the hair. You should apply the mask to your hair at least twice a week. If you want to use a mask that you make yourself instead of the products you will buy, this can be an option to moisturize your hair. For this, you can use ingredients such as coconut oil, egg, olive oil, banana and avocado. You should apply the hair mask that you will apply by mixing these materials when your hair is dirty. Gently rinse the mask that stays in your hair for a few hours with shampoo. But make sure you don't use too much shampoo. Because you don't want the shampoo to take away moisture from your hair.

What you need to pay attention before lightening your hair color | How To Use Hair Lightener

You can give the oil treatment that you will do to your hair, starting two weeks before, the night before using a hair opener. However, this time it will be sufficient to use only coconut oil. If you apply coconut the night before bleaching your hair and lie down like that, you will notice that they are less damaged the next day when you lighten your hair. Thanks to coconut oil, the moisture your hair loses due to the bleach will be in the amount your hair can tolerate and your hair will be less damaged. The less damage your hair is damaged during the hair opening process, the more successful the dyeing process will be.

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