Beauty Secrets Of Celebrities

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Famous names who maintain their pure beauty despite their advancing age have shared their care secrets that they have turned into a routine over the years.

Beauty Secrets of Celebrities


1 - Beyonce

1 - Beyonce | Beauty Secrets of Celebrities

“The moment a woman smiles is at her best. Apart from that, the most important secret I learned is to moisturize the skin all the time. "

2 - Kirsten Dunst

2 - Kirsten Dunst | Beauty Secrets of Celebrities

“I try to stay away from the sun as possible. I use natural products on my skin. I just cleanse my skin in the evening and moisturize my skin both morning and evening. ”

3 - Kate Winslet

3 - Kate Winslet | Beauty Secrets of Celebrities

“A good eye cream is always my savior when I travel, work hard and during my stressful periods. This way, I get rid of my swollen and tired-looking eyes. "

4 - Liv Tyler

4 - Liv Tyler | Beauty Secrets of Celebrities

“After applying foundation and blush, I apply transparent powder to my entire face. Then I spray my face with rose water and leave a napkin on my face for a few seconds. In this way, my face gets a flawless and natural look.


5 - Charlize Theron

5 - Charlize Theron | Beauty Secrets of Celebrities

“I wash my face with cold water every day. When I go out, I always apply my sunscreen and mascara. "

6 - Emma Stone

6 - Emma Stone | Beauty Secrets of Celebrities

“In my daily life, my beauty routine includes sleep, moisturizing and shaping my eyebrows. Since my face is very allergic, I use grape seed oil for moisturizing. "

7 - Eva Mendes

7 - Eva Mendes | Beauty Secrets of Celebrities

“I always use sparkling bronzer to get an energetic look. If you don't want to put on makeup, add a little sparkly bronzer to your moisturizer. "

8 - Gwen Stefani

8 - Gwen Stefani | Beauty Secrets of Celebrities

“I love creating my own colors. I first apply a dry matte lipstick to my lip, then go over it with a more creamy lipstick. "

9 - Jennifer Aniston

9 - Jennifer Aniston | Beauty Secrets of Celebrities

"I apply a teaspoon of Vaseline every night to prevent my under-eye wrinkles."

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