How Are Beauty Products Applied?

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After skin cleansing, tonic and moisturizing... You apply all these steps one by one for your skincare, but are you sure you apply it correctly? We have prepared a user manual for these products.

How are beauty products applied?


1 - Skin cleansing

1 - Skin cleansing | How are beauty products applied?

If you are using cleansing gel or foam, the best way to apply is to apply it to a moist face with fingertips. If you are using cleansing lotion, it would be better to apply it to dry skin. Whichever type of cleaner you prefer, always apply in a circular motion, then rinse thoroughly. After the rinsing step, wipe your face again with a facial sponge or a soft towel to thoroughly get rid of any remaining makeup and dirt. It is very important to clean your face every night. Prepare a clean floor before applying makeup, moisturizer, or serum. You can apply the same process in the mornings to get rid of the oil accumulated on your face while you go to bed at night.

2 - Tonic

2 - Tonic | How are beauty products applied?

When it comes to applying tonic, we think that applying it to our face with a spray is the right way. The reason for this misunderstanding may be that tonics are usually produced in bottles in spray form. Although this way is easy, you cannot completely remove the residue from your cleaner and chemicals from the tap water in this way. Always use an alcohol-free tonic. Apply it all over your face with the help of a cotton ball. If you wish, you can spray it on your face again in the last step.

2 - Tonic | How are beauty products applied?

3 - Serum

3 - Serum | How are beauty products applied?

After cleansing your face during the day, gently massage the pea amount of the product on your face and neck area. Then, you can apply your moisturizer and makeup. You can apply serums designed only for the night in the same way by skipping the makeup step.

4 - Moisturizer

4 - Moisturizer | How are beauty products applied?

You should always apply your moisturizing cream not only to your face but also to your neck. Since we distribute the cream unevenly on our face, cream residues accumulate on the edges of the hair and clog our pores. Always remember to spread evenly on your face. Another mistake is to apply multiple layers of moisturizer if your skin is too dry. This big mistake causes damage to your skin by blocking your pores as opposed to moisturizing your skin.


5 - Eye cream

5 - Eye cream | How are beauty products applied?

Always apply your eye cream in a gentle motion from the outside to the inside of the eye socket without pressing with your ring finger. Be careful not to apply it too close to your lash. Otherwise, the cream gets into your eyes through your eyelashes, causing redness and swelling.

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