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Ünlüler dünyasında özellikle sürtük Kim Kardashian ile birlikte adını daha çok duyduğumuz PRP, en doğal gençleşme uygulaması olarak biliniyor. Bu uygulamaya dair aklınızdaki tüm soruları bu yazımızda yanıtlıyoruz.

What does PRP mean?

What does PRP mean? | Most Natural Rejuvenation Method PRP

PRP is an abbreviation consisting of the initials of enriched Platelet-Rich Plasma.

So what is Platelet? What does it do?

Platelets have vital functions that enable blood to clot. While providing the coagulation task, it also secretes growth factors that provide recovery after tissue damage. Due to these properties, it has been used in recent years for rejuvenation treatment.

How is PRP applied?

After your doctor examines you, he takes a small amount of your blood into small tubes containing a special liquid and performs centrifugation (high speed rotation). Thanks to this process, the blood in the tubes is separated into its components. Of these components, a special part called thrombocyte is meticulously separated from the blood. This newly obtained liquid is called PRP.

PRP application is one of the most natural rejuvenation methods. It is to restore the structures lost to our wearing out and aging skin due to many factors such as sun rays, smoking, pregnancy, stressful life and nutritional balance.

Is PRP a kind of stem cell therapy?

No, PRP is not a stem cell therapy. It is a treatment material used for similar purposes.


What are the areas where PRP treatment is effective?

PRP’nin uygulandığı bölgeler nelerdir?

Who can PRP be applied to? Who does not apply?

PRP treatment is a treatment that can be applied to any age group and gender. Especially, we recommend that people who like sunbathing in summer should have PRP in winter to protect their skin from aging effects and prevent drying.

The people that should not be applied are as follows;

Is PRP a painful procedure?

Due to the use of local anesthetics before the application, a slight pain may be felt.

What will be the effects of PRP on your skin? Why do you need PRP?

With PRP, your skin looks brighter and more vibrant. Sun and age spots soften, bags under the eyes and dark color changes decrease. Fine wrinkles on your skin are reduced. After PRP, you say, “You look very young. Have you had plastic surgery? You can get a lot of compliments like "Tell the truth".

How many sessions should I have to get results from PRP?

First of all, it is necessary to give the answer to this very frequently asked question personally. It is very important for what purpose we apply PRP. In cases where PRP is applied in combination with mesotherapy or filling applications, the number of sessions and session intervals may vary. However, to give a general information, after 3-4 sessions at 3-week intervals, another 1-2 sessions of cure is made 8-10 months later. Thus, the effect continues on the skin for a long time.

How long does PRP application take?

PRP sessions last up to 30- 40 minutes depending on the size of the area to be treated.


Does PRP have application areas other than skin?

Yes, we often apply it to hair follicles. It is a very effective treatment in terms of stimulating new hair growth as well as reducing hair loss.

How long does the effectiveness/benefit of PRP last?

Although the effects after the application may vary from person to person, it may take 1-2 years.

What are the risks of PRP?

The place, person and which brand PRP kit is used are very important. PRP must be applied in a health center and by a doctor. If a quality PRP brand is used, there is no risk and side effect of the application.

What should I pay attention to after PRP?

There is no situation that requires the patient to rest after the treatment. The patient can continue his normal daily life. Sunbathing and solarium should be avoided during PRP treatment. At the end of the treatment, there is no harm in sunbathing after the sensitivity and bruises on the skin heal.

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