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7 Tips to Keep Your Tan After Vacation

With the arrival of autumn, we say goodbye to the sea, sand, and sun, but summer continues in the city. Everyone is looking to protect their bronze skin, which they get by sunbathing for hours in the summer. Now is the time to bring the tan we gained in the summer to the city. Here are 7... Read More ⇒

7 Myths About Sunbathing

How about learning the truths of the rapidly spreading urban legends such as "If you go out to the sun at certain hours", "People who are not very light-skinned have a lower risk of cancer?", "Sunrays are only dangerous in summer?" 7 Mistakes Made While Sunbathing Taking advantage of the... Read More ⇒

6 Skin-Damaging Habits

Taking care of your skin in a healthy way is actually much easier than you think. The important thing is to know how to protect it. We have compiled the most common mistakes and truths in skincare for you. Dermatologists warn: don't make these mistakes...   1 - Going out without... Read More ⇒

How are beauty products applied?

After skin cleansing, tonic and moisturizing... You apply all these steps one by one for your skincare, but are you sure you apply it correctly? We have prepared a user manual for these products.   1 - Skin cleansing If you are using cleansing gel or foam, the best way to apply is... Read More ⇒

Which Foods Should You Consume For Which Skin Problems?

Bright, healthy and young skin is our dream. Putting aside the creams and care products we use, real healthy skin starts with nourishment. The foods you need to pay attention to and consume to protect your skin are in the rest of the article...   1 - Consume green leafy vegetables for... Read More ⇒

Beauty Secrets of Celebrities

Famous names who maintain their pure beauty despite their advancing age have shared their care secrets that they have turned into a routine over the years.   1 - Beyonce “The moment a woman smiles is at her best. Apart from that, the most important secret I learned is to moisturize... Read More ⇒

Avocado Effect on Hair and Skin Care

Vitamins A, D, E, Omega 3 and potassium found in avocado oil have a natural support your skin needs. Avocado oil, which is also recommended for dry, sensitive and mature skin, nourishes your skin and gives a healthy appearance. Here are ways to add avocados to your beauty routine...   1... Read More ⇒

6 Skin Diseases That Increase in Spring Months

In autumn and spring, especially when the weather gets warmer and the sun shows its face, allergic skin diseases start to show its face. Skin diseases that increase especially in the spring and the measures you can take are in the rest of the article.   Hives Urticaria is one of... Read More ⇒

Quick Solutions to Sudden Skin Problems

Intruder acne appearing on our forehead, dryness around our noses, bruises under custody, etc.… When we all wake up one morning; We have encountered bad skin or small surprises on our faces. But don't worry; You can quickly defend against unexpected problems we encounter in the morning by... Read More ⇒

Care Suggestions for Before Sleeping

Would you like to wake up like a baby with soft skin when you wake up in the morning? We have explored what to do before going to bed and 4 ways to wake up in the morning more enjoyable and well-groomed.   1 - Apply moisturizer to your skin at bedtime Our skin loses water while... Read More ⇒

Facial Masks Secrets

Recently, we come across different facial mask applications frequently. If you want to catch this new trend and add it to your skin care routine, this article includes all your curiosities.   1 - Why do we need a facial mask? Depending on the needs of your skin, face masks can meet... Read More ⇒

3 Easy Ways to Control Oily Skin

Those with oily skin are always at war with their skin. By using many different products, they try to prevent shine and oil on the skin. The truth is that oils have a purpose; protecting the skin and keeping it supple. Of course, the important thing here is to keep the right amount of oil on your... Read More ⇒
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