7 Products You Should Never Put On Your Face


Did you know that the skin care suggestions you hear and see around you can harm your face? For the sake of obtaining a clean, bright and beautiful skin, you should be careful to be healthy. Let's take a look at the common mistakes about skin care.

1 - Baking powder

1 - Baking powder | 7 Products You Should Never Put On Your Face

Although baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, looks exactly like the peeling substance you are looking for due to its fine gritty structure, it is very harmful for your skin! While our skin pH is between 4.5-5, the pH of baking soda is exactly 9! This condition, which damages the protective layer of your skin, makes your face sensitive and slows down the process of self-renewal.

2 - Lemon

2 - Lemon | 7 Products You Should Never Put On Your Face

The pH level of the lemon, which we can call acid, which is similar to baking powder, is 2. In this case, did you know that the lemon you apply to obtain a bright and taut appearance will damage the upper layer of your skin and cause an intense irritation? Especially when you are exposed to sunlight after application, these harmful effects will increase evenly.

3 - Hair spray

3 - Hair spray | 7 Products You Should Never Put On Your Face

You may have heard of the trend of fixing makeup with hairspray, which is the recommendation of makeup bloggers. While one-to-one contact of hairspray with the skin is quite harmful, applying this substance to our face, which is one of the areas we need to pay attention to, increases the size of the damage. Hair sprays fill our pores with alcohol content, causing the alcohol to penetrate the lower layers of the skin. Due to these substances, your skin dries out and the stain formation begins.

4 - Tooth paste

4 - Tooth paste | 7 Products You Should Never Put On Your Face

If you think that you will get the perfect look by applying toothpaste on the new acne and blackheads, you are wrong. Substances such as peroxide, mint, alcohol and perfume that fill your pores will cause more stains and acne formation on your skin. Do not go beyond dermatologically tested products for the treatment of your acne and blackheads!


5 - Hot water

5 - Hot water | 7 Products You Should Never Put On Your Face

We know that what relieves all of us after a busy day at work in the winter is a steamy, hot shower, but you have to be extra careful about your face. Hot water irritates the natural barrier on our face, damaging the oil layer under our skin, so our skin becomes sensitive to staining and redness. Especially eczema, psoriasis, etc. People with skin diseases should pay more attention to using warm water.

6 - Body lotion

6 - Body lotion | 7 Products You Should Never Put On Your Face

Because of the different skin types on our body and face, lotions that you easily use to moisturize your body show harmful effects on your face. These lotions, which contain particularly intense perfumes, will irritate your face and cause allergic reactions. It may be wiser to get yourself a facial moisturizer rather than using your body lotion on your face.

7 - Sugar

7 - Sugar | 7 Products You Should Never Put On Your Face

Do not use on your face that scrubs prepared with sugar, which is a very convenient and practical method for lip peeling! Our lips are not damaged due to their thick barriers, while the sharp edges of sugar particles will directly damage your face. Sugary peels that create scratches that are too small to be seen can damage your face.

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