Hand Care Secrets From Skincare Professional


The earliest aging and least caring part of our skin is our hands. Our hands determine our personal care and age the most.

Our hands are the part of our body that most frequently comes into contact with the external environment, that is most affected by environmental factors, ages the earliest and is always neglected. Our hands have an important role in our daily, social and business life as they are an exposed and visible area just like our face.

Our hands show our personal care and age the most. For this reason, they expect special attention especially with the cold weather that starts in the winter months. In hand care, we may need to change our daily habits first. We should make it a habit to use gloves when going out in cold weather in winter and use sunscreen regularly in summer. Considering that we wash our hands 5-10 times throughout the day, you can imagine how important it is to clean hands correctly. While washing hands, whatever the season, warm water should be used and excessive hot and cold water should be avoided. When choosing a cleanser, you can choose a soap with antibacterial properties that does not dry the skin. Remember that your hands lose moisture every time you wash them, so avoid washing them too often.Dry your hands thoroughly after each wash. If possible, leave a humidifier that you can use daily next to your sink. In this way, you will think of applying your cream immediately after each wash. Use olive oilshea butterglycerinurea or vitamin E as moisturizers, and if possible, use oily creams.

If you have to use detergents and chemicals that may irritate the skin during your profession or daily life, always wear protective gloves with cotton inside and rubber outside. In addition to its moisturizing content, it will be useful to use barrier creams that form a cover on the upper layer of the skin. Barrier creams, just like an invisible, transparent glove, will prevent harmful chemicals from contacting the skin. Failure to protect the skin in a timely manner can cause dryness, cracking and very irritating skin diseases such as eczema.

The best time to clear the signs of aging on our hands over the years is this season, that is, the winter months. The first sign of aging on the hands is brown spots. Genetic predisposition, these spots formed as a result of intense sun exposure for many years can be seen as small spots like freckles or as a dark swell with rough surface. Various treatments such as chemical peeling, cryotherapy (freezing treatment), laser can be used to get rid of these. Since all these treatments will affect the skin by peeling, they should not be done in sunny times. For this reason, if you are uncomfortable with these stains on your hands, you should not miss the winter season for an effective and successful treatment. During the aging process, the skin on the hands becomes thinner and the subcutaneous fat tissue decreases. As a result, hands, veins are clear,his skin appears thinned and shrunken. It is often not possible to correct such an old image with creams. In this case, by using various fillers such as hyaluronic acid, a fuller, smooth and youthful appearance can be provided to the hands.

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