Side Effects Of Hair Straightening


Everyone wants straight, flowing hair, but for this, it is necessary to take good care of the hair and to follow them carefully and with determination. However, many people prefer the hair straightening process and devices because they provide much faster and better results. However, it is necessary to know the biggest side effects of these procedures for those who will have it done for the first time.

Due to the fact that hair straighteners offer short-term solutions, longer-lasting Brazilian blowout or keratin care solutions have recently emerged, and these treatments break off some of the bonds of the hair and combine them with a new pattern.

First, the hair is thoroughly cleaned and then the hair strengthening solution is applied. After that, the hair is blow-dried and made straight in a high iron. This application creates a waterproof layer that allows hair strands to preserve their new structure for 3-6 months. Keratin hair treatments provide the desired results in this sense, but it is necessary to be aware of their harmful side effects.

Chronic Hair Loss

Chronic Hair Loss | Side Effects of Hair Straightening

Hair loss may be aesthetically uncomfortable, but it is a sign that the health of your hair is decreasing. One of the most important side effects of hair straightening is hair loss and the use of harmful chemicals and heat weakens the hair follicles and separates the hair from the roots. As the months pass, the strength of the hair decreases and they begin to break.

Drowsiness, Watery Eyes and Skin Problems

Drowsiness, Watery Eyes and Skin Problems | Side Effects of Hair Straightening

The harsh chemicals used in hair straightening treatments can cause nausea and drowsiness, can cause burning in the eyes and itching on the skin. The scalp and hair are also affected.

Our skin is the most sensitive organ of our body and is generally prone to damage. These chemicals should normally not touch your hair, but splashes do occur, creating blushes and other problems.

Damage to Natural Hair Texture

Damage to Natural Hair Texture | Side Effects of Hair Straightening

Disulfides and amino acids are incorporated into your hair during the straightening process, and the hair strands are actually broken first and then rebuilt. However, this adhesive loses its effect after a while and the natural structure of the hair already deteriorates.

Excessive Dryness

Excessive Dryness | Side Effects of Hair Straightening

Keratin straightening treatment keeps your hair straight for a few months, but after a few washes, excessive dryness may occur. Toxins damage the hair from root to tip, and the scalp gradually begins to dry out. As a result, dandruff may appear and it becomes impossible for the hair to become oily.


Broken Ends

Broken Ends | Side Effects of Hair Straightening

If you've ever seen a hair break, you know it will continue. Getting rid of hair fractures without cutting is a process that takes months, and during straightening, fractures occur due to high temperatures. In addition, the disappearance of natural moisture in the hair accelerates the breakage process.


Dandruff | Side Effects of Hair Straightening

Dandruff is among the worst hair problems you can have and can make you look very bad. Chemicals used in hair straightening irritate the scalp and as a result, the dandruff process begins.


Oiliness | Side Effects of Hair Straightening

Imagine waking up every day with oily and smelly hair. Excessive use of hair lotions and serums contributes to this oiliness, and although they are often used to protect hair from damage, excessive use causes their efficiency to decline.

Hair Thinning

Hair Thinning | Side Effects of Hair Straightening

The high temperature of the hair straightener disrupts the structure of the hair and as a result, thinning occurs in the hair. In addition, loss of color, broken tips, and spills occur. Similar things occur in the hair of those who frequently go to baths and spa centers, and it is a fact that this is due to heat.

Color Loss

Color Loss | Side Effects of Hair Straightening

Color loss in hair will be one of the most common side effects you will encounter. Serums and chemical shampoos applied during hair treatments can cause premature graying of the hair.

Health Hazards

Health problems can arise from the chemicals used. Especially lung problems and skin damage are among the most common problems in hair straighteners. Inhalation of these chemicals causes breathing and other respiratory problems.

This poses a greater risk, especially for those with sensitive skin.


After the hair is straightened, their care process occurs. Because you have to spend a lot of time to keep this hair in the best way. The effort you put into making the hair perfect can be tiring and also cause stress. Special serums and shampoos that you need to use every day are also important.

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