Quick Solutions To Sudden Skin Problems

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Intruder acne appearing on our forehead, dryness around our noses, bruises under custody, etc.… When we all wake up one morning; We have encountered bad skin or small surprises on our faces. But don't worry; You can quickly defend against unexpected problems we encounter in the morning by following the 3 steps in this post.

Quick Solutions to Sudden Skin Problems


1 - Effective moisturizing

1 - Effective moisturizing | Quick Solutions to Sudden Skin Problems

You may have noticed that your face gets very dry during seasonal changes, weather changes or during travel. To quickly restore your dry skin in the morning, mix 3-4 drops of your favorite serum into your moisturizer and apply it on your face. You will immediately feel the difference!

2 - Believe in the power of Concealer

2 - Believe in the power of Concealer | Quick Solutions to Sudden Skin Problems

Concelerlar is our biggest helper against acne and rashes that suddenly appear on our faces. Choose your concealer according to your skin type and needs. Choose a concealer that is 1 or 2 shades lighter than your natural skin color for your under-eye area and the same color as your foundation for other areas. If you have dry skin, do not choose a matte finish liquid concealer because the dry areas on your skin will appear more.

3 - Counterattack with ice

3 - Counterattack with ice | Quick Solutions to Sudden Skin Problems

A small ice therapy that you apply to your face in the morning speeds up your blood flow and awakens your skin. Many famous names also get rid of dark circles under the eyes thanks to ice. If you have a new pimple on your face, wrap a block of ice in a paper towel and leave it on. This is how you can get rid of your acne before it gets bigger and becomes a complete nuisance.

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