Selfie'S Unknown Danger

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Mobile phones, which we use in almost every moment of our daily life, have a different danger in addition to the known routine damages. Are we aware of this enough? Did you know that selfies increase the number of plastic surgeries?

Selfie's Unknown Danger

Scientists are always looking for the effects of radiation from cell phones and whether it causes cancer. Now we will tell you about another problem caused by cell phones. A beauty we call the "Selfie Trap" is an aesthetic problem.

"What is it?" you will say. We know you actually noticed this problem but you will still be surprised at the end of the post.

I am sure many of us thought it was impossible 20 years ago, when it came to the agenda of adding photo capability to mobile phones. We thought how big cameras would fit into mobile phones or that it would not be possible to take quality pictures in this way. However, what is surprising is that there are mobile phones that can take 4K pictures on the market today and this is not surprising to anyone.

Let's do a little theoretical knowledge tour on this topic. There are lenses in cameras just like our eyes. The image is also recorded thanks to these glass and mirrors. Engineers had to add a number of new features to these lenses in order to be able to fit the lenses in these huge cameras, almost half the size of a cell phone, into mobile phones. It is precisely due to these changes that the number of plastic surgeries has increased.

As a result of this process, the cameras of cell phones had to make nearby objects appear larger than they actually are. The freedom to take photos more closely, especially after the selfie cameras on the front are added, actually caused some problems in people's self-confidence. Because our nose, which is closest to the mobile phone (according to our angle; ear, chin, etc.), is always bigger in the photos than it actually is. To try to prevent this, try to visualize people who take shape while taking selfies.

Selfie's Unknown Danger

In recent years, many people have started to think that it looks ugly, especially in pictures taken with a cell phone. Due to the decrease in their self-confidence, the number of applications for plastic surgeries (especially nose surgeries) in the last 10 years has increased wildly all over the world. The same trap also applies after surgery; Many people who do not like their new nose in pictures visit doctor to doctor for re-operation.

Remember, your nose or face is always subject to distortion in photos taken with a mobile phone. Please keep this in mind and do not upset yourself in vain.

Selfie's Unknown Danger

Selfie's Unknown Danger

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