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Avocado Effect On Hair And Skin Care

Vitamins A, D, E, Omega 3 and potassium found in avocado oil have a natural support your skin needs. Avocado oil, which is also recommended for dry, sensitive and mature skin, nourishes your skin and gives a healthy appearance. Here are ways to add avocados to your beauty routine...

Avocado Effect on Hair and Skin Care


1 - Avocado effect on the skin

1 - Avocado effect on the skin | Avocado Effect on Hair and Skin Care

The antioxidants in avocado oil are especially good for sunburn. If you burn your hand in minor invisible accidents at home, it will be good to apply avocados again. In facial care, our favorite is avocado cosmetic products. Use either avocado creams or masks. Thanks to these products, your skin will get the moisture it is looking for!

2 - Avocado effect on hair

2 - Avocado effect on hair | Avocado Effect on Hair and Skin Care

Lecithin and potassium, the source of youth, are beneficial for your hair as well as your skin. Avocado oil is good for scalp itching and dandruff problems. You can apply it to your hair follicles with a light massage. You will also notice that this application lengthens your hair in a healthy way in the long term. You can find avocado oil in many shampoos and also as a hair mask.

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