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Although dyeing hair is fun, challenging processes can be experienced until the desired color is achieved. Especially if you want to dye all of your hair and the color you want is much lighter than your own hair color, you may need to spend a long time at the hairdresser. Yellow color, especially for light hair, is a very bold choice, but it is a difficult color to achieve. Those who love to dye their hair blonde know that they spent a lot of time and money until they get the blonde they want. In order to maintain the favorite hair color, it is necessary to go to the hairdresser regularly. Even if you leave the hairdresser with the color you want, you need to use suitable products at home to preserve your hair color. This is where purple shampoo comes into play. The purple shampoo helps you to preserve the color in your hair before you dye your hair again.

UV rays, chlorine, and other minerals in the water can cause your hair color to run and look ugly. When the yellow color flows, unwanted results may occur. Therefore, there is a perception that purple shampoo can only be used on blond hair, but this is wrong. Even if your hair is brown, if you have ombre and balayage in your hair, you can use purple shampoo to keep the painted areas beautiful.

Why should I use purple shampoo?

Why should I use purple shampoo? | Things You Wonder About Purple Shampoo

The purple shampoo contains purple pigments to protect the color of light hair. The idea of purple shampoo may seem strange when you first hear about it, especially if you are just starting to use blonde hair. However, if you want your hair to be strong and shiny, you need to wash it with purple shampoo when you are not dyeing your hair. People with blonde hair you like are most likely using purple shampoo.

There may be unwanted reflections on blond hair after the bleaching process. These can be yellow, orange, and even reddish hues. Normally, hair toner is applied in hairdressers to lose these unwanted colors. However, when you do not go to the hairdresser, you will not have the chance to apply it, so you can get rid of the reflections you do not want on your hair with purple shampoo at home. 

The yellow discoloration in your hair may be caused not only by the hair opening process, but also by the hair, water hardness, or hair styling methods. That's why you should use purple shampoo not only if your hair is dyed yellow, but also if your hair is naturally yellow. Even if you like to use purple and blue in your hair, you can use purple shampoo to prevent your hair from fading.

Speaking of unwanted hair colors so much, it would not be possible not to remind one thing. Make sure your hairdresser is using hair toner when your hairdresser is working on your hair, especially if you are trying blonde colors. If hair toner is not used, orange yellows may appear, which does not look nice.

Why should the color of the shampoo be purple?

Why should the color of the shampoo be purple? | Things You Wonder About Purple Shampoo

You can think of the reason why the shampoo is purple as follows: Every color has a contrasting tone in nature. Since the opposite of yellow is purple, the purple shampoo helps to remove unwanted blond from your hair. If there are warm blonds in your hair that you do not want, the purple pigmented shampoo will balance the color.

Can I use purple shampoo instead of my daily shampoo?

Can I use purple shampoo instead of my daily shampoo? | Things You Wonder About Purple Shampoo

You should not use purple shampoo as your daily shampoo. You should only use the purple shampoo once or twice a week. Otherwise, the shampoo will destroy too much of the yellow in your hair and your hair will get a much darker color than it is. If you wash your hair twice a week, you should wash with purple shampoo once, and if you wash more often, you should wash with purple shampoo twice. You need to wash and rinse your hair with purple shampoo, just like you do with other shampoos. If all your hair is not dyed, you can apply purple shampoo on your hair where the color looks bad. Because of this leave the shampoo on the area you do not like the color for 3-2 minutes. If all your hair is dyed and there are more unwanted colors in your hair, you can keep the shampoo waiting time longer. As your hair foams, you may find that it's purple around, but don't be afraid of it. Purple shampoo does not cause staining of your skin or the surrounding like hair dye.

If you notice that your hair becomes rough after using the shampoo, you may need to use a suitable conditioner. You can also try changing a shampoo, as not all shampoos will be good for every hair. In addition, if you use cold water while washing and rinsing your hair, the dye will flow later and the unwanted reflections will be delayed. Coldwater will also make your hair look more vibrant and shiny.

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