What Are Hair Care Oils And How Are They Used?


If your hair has been damaged by heat styling or coloring, you may need to apply special care to them. Even if your hair does not have any wear and tear, taking care will help them to be softer. You can find many care products for your hair in the market. However, you need to pay attention to the ingredients in these products and make sure that they can provide good care for your hair.

It may be difficult for you to have information about all of the ingredients in a hair care product you will purchase. Therefore, creating your own hair care regimen will help your hair to be healthier. You can also use hair care oils for this. Many care oils you can find on the market will give your hair the moisture they lost and help them regain their health.

If you are wondering what oils you can use in hair care and how you can use them, keep reading.

Coconut oil

Hindistan cevizi yağı | What Are Hair Care Oils And How Are They Used?

Coconut oil can be said to be the most well-known and most widely used oil of care. Coconut oil both protects your hair against heat and moisturizes your hair strands. In this way, it prevents hair damage and breakage, and at the same time reduces hair loss. Thanks to its moisture holding capacity, coconut remains in the hair and, unlike other products, it is one of the best oils to care for hair as it is not volatile. In addition, since coconut oil contains fatty acids, it can penetrate the hair more than normal conditioners. In this way, it makes the hair soft and shiny.

If your scalp is oily early, do not apply coconut oil to your scalp. Apply the oil intensely at the ends of your hair, starting from the middle of your hair. However, if your scalp is dry, you can also apply coconut oil to your scalp to moisturize it. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature. For this reason, if your oil is in solid form, it will be easier to heat and melt it before application. You can melt the oil by rubbing it in your palms or melt in a double boiler. You can leave the melted coconut oil on your hair for at least an hour and then wash it off. You can even wash off the oil you put on at night in the morning to get better results. If you want the permanent effect of coconut oil on your hair, you need to do it once a week.

castor oil

Castor oil is obtained from castor pods. Castor oil, which contains vitamin E, minerals and proteins, contributes to the growth process of the hair. In addition, castor oil, which contains antioxidants, supports the production of keratin in the hair, helping your hair to be stronger, soft and healthy. If you are going to use castor oil, it will be better to choose cold pressed ones. In the cold pressing method, heat is not used in the oil extraction process. Castor oil is recommended for many scalp problems from dandruff to hair loss. In addition to its benefits such as reducing hair loss, castor oil also provides the moisture lost to the hair, preventing the hair ends from breaking. In addition, when you apply this oil to your eyebrows and eyelashes except your hair, you will see that they increase.

Since castor oil has a dense texture, it would be better to mix a few drops of castor oil with a lighter oil such as olive or coconut oil. Massage the mixture you get with a few oils and apply it to your scalp and put a bonnet on your head. Keep the oil on your hair overnight and wash it in the morning. Thanks to this application that you will do once a week, your hair will be strengthened and multiplied.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil | What Are Hair Care Oils And How Are They Used?

Jojoba oil is obtained from the jojoba plant and its chemical structure is similar to the sebum produced in our scalp. This means that when you apply jojoba oil on your hair, you will not experience any side effects. Like coconut oil, jojoba oil moisturizes your hair deeply and provides protection for your hair strands from the inside out. If you have dandruff or dryness problem on your scalp or you want your hair to be shiny and soft, you can use jojoba oil.

You should apply jojoba oil before washing your hair. Jojoba oil, which you keep in your hair for half an hour to an hour, will make your hair soft after washing it. In addition to keeping the oil in your hair, you can also add jojoba oil to your conditioner.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil | What Are Hair Care Oils And How Are They Used?

Another of the most popular oils after coconut oil is argan oil, which you all have heard of before. Argan oil is obtained from the fruit of the Argan tree, which is unique to Morocco. You can also see argan oil as "Morrocon oil" on your hair care products. This very beneficial oil, which we know as Argan oil in our country, can work miracles on your hair.The vitamin E, ferulic acid and fatty acids in argan oil fight UV rays and prevent hair cells from being damaged. Even if you use a small amount of argan oil, your hair will be moisturized and protected from heat. At the same time, if your hair is dry, electrified and swollen, it will help you control it. In addition to the benefits of coconut, you may find Argan oil more suitable for frequent use because it is more oily in structure.

You can apply argan oil by pouring it into your palm and then applying it to your hair. After keeping it in your hair for at least an hour, you can wash it. You can also use argan oil daily. For daily use, you can drop a few drops of argan oil on your palm and distribute it thoroughly, then rub the oil on the swollen and electrified areas and leave without rinsing. Make sure that the oil does not reach your scalp.


Olive oil
Olive oil | What Are Hair Care Oils And How Are They Used?

Since olive oil is a product we all have in our kitchens, you can get good results by using olive oil even if you do not have other oils in your home. Thanks to olive oil, which is rich in fatty acids, a protective layer will form on your hair strands and your hair will be soft. In addition, since olive oil is rich in vitamin E, it will act as a barrier in your hair against sun rays and pollution. Olive oil will protect your hair against heat and make your hair look smoother.

A few spoons of olive oil will be enough for your hair care. After distributing the oil evenly throughout your hair, put on a shower cap and wait for at least an hour. After washing your hair, you will see that they are soft.

Avocado oil

Avocado oil | What Are Hair Care Oils And How Are They Used?

Avocado oil, along with other oils, is one of the oils that come into our lives in hair care. If you have dandruff problem in your hair, you can use avocado oil with peace of mind. In addition to the dandruff problem, if your hair strands are dry and damaged, avocado oil will create a protective barrier in your hair and help your hair regain its health. Also, if your hair is too fluffy and tangled, avocado oil will be good for your hair. Before you comb your hair, a few drops of oil on your hair will help them open easily without damage.

You can use avocado oil by heating it. The oil that you put in hot water in a bowl will get hot and ready for use. You can also apply avocado oil to your hair ends by massaging your scalp. You will see the effect of the oil that you keep in your hair for a few hours after washing your hair.

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