6 Skin-Damaging Habits


Taking care of your skin in a healthy way is actually much easier than you think. The important thing is to know how to protect it. We have compiled the most common mistakes and truths in skincare for you.

6 Skin-Damaging Habits

Dermatologists warn: don't make these mistakes...


1 - Going out without sunscreen

1 - Going out without sunscreen | 6 Skin-Damaging Habits

After all, I will not stay in the sun for a long time, do not step outside without putting on your sunscreen by thinking like the weather is cloudy today. In this way, you will protect yourself against skin cancer and prevent premature aging signs.

2 - Squeezing pimple or Playing with acne

2 - Don't play with your pimple | 6 Skin-Damaging Habits

Although it seems like an instant solution to eliminate our acne by squeezing, it harms your skin. Bacteria spread on your face, causing redness or even inflammation. Learn to treat your acne healthily instead of this temporary and harmful solution.

3 - Taking a hot shower

3 - Taking a hot shower | 6 Skin-Damaging Habits

You may think that taking a long shower with hot water is good for you, but it is good to know that it is not good for your skin. Taking a shower with hot water for a long time damages the natural oil balance in your skin and irritates your skin. Take showers with lukewarm water not longer than 10 minutes. To keep the moisture in your body, apply your moisturizer within 5 minutes after your shower.

4 - Skipping neck and chest care

4 - Skipping neck and chest care | 6 Skin-Damaging Habits

Even if you protect your face from the sun, free radicals circulating around accelerate the aging process of this area if you leave your neck and décolleté area unprotected. The skin structure in our neck and chest area is thin and is damaged more quickly, especially by UV rays.


5 - Removing eye makeup quickly and with sudden movements

5 - Removing eye makeup quickly and with sudden movements | 6 Skin-Damaging Habits

Wiping your eye make-up quickly and harshly damages your skin in this area irreversibly. It is also inevitable that your lashes will fall out. Always wipe in a circular and gentle motion. Then apply eye cream.

6 - Ignoring skin blemishes

6 - Ignoring skin blemishes | 6 Skin-Damaging Habits

If you have a new skin spot anywhere on your body, be sure to show it to a specialist. Always observe the existing spots and moles, and if you notice a change in color or size, consult a doctor immediately.

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