What Is Hair Serum And How To Use It?


There are many products available that can instantly transform your dull and dry hair into smooth, silky, and stunning hair. With busy schedules and fast-paced lifestyles, any product that helps you get instant results for your hair deserves to pay off.

What is Hair Serum?

What is Hair Serum? | What is Hair Serum and How to Use It?

Hair serum is a silicone-based product that covers the surface of your hair, penetrates deep into the hair, and causes beautiful changes in the hair structure. Nowadays, there are many types and brands of hair serums that you can try to figure out which works best for your hair type. This is a good hair serum that provides softness and shine, designed as a hair care solution to soften your hair; it will effectively protect your hair against sun rays and contaminants such as dust and lime. Once you've found the perfect hair serum for you, it's important to know how to apply your serum to the hair to help maximize its benefits.

How to Use Hair Serum?

One of the main uses of hair serum is to make the hair look healthier, but besides this, it gives shine and causes less mess. Because the serum reflects light, it makes the hair look shinier and healthier and also helps protect it from dust and moisture. Not only that, but it also creates a protective layer in your hair against harmful sun rays as well as harmful chemicals.

Most people use hair serum as a preventive measure against dry and damaged hair. Some start using hair when it becomes extremely dull or tangled, while others may use hair styling products and tools to provide some protection against too much heat and chemical reactions.

Find The Perfect Product For You

Find The Perfect Product For You | What is Hair Serum and How to Use It?

The first step is to find the perfect hair serum. Like all other care products, each brand uses different ingredients that can benefit specific hair types. You need to find the best product for your hair and have an idea of the ingredients used. This often means that you may have to try two or more products before finding the right one for you.

Wash Your Hair Well Before Using

Hair serum is only applied to shampooed hair and when actually selling the product, its importance is not emphasized enough. Unlike mousse or hair sprays, hair serum is basically a source of nourishment for your hair. The main purpose of hair serum is to protect your hair against dust and dirt, so by applying it on unwashed hair, you will deviate from its purpose.

Often popular brands produce a complete range of hair care products, including shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum made to complement each other. If this is your first time trying hair serum, it's a good idea to use it with a compatible shampoo and conditioner from the same hair care product. Thoroughly shampoo your hair, apply conditioner, and then apply hair serum.


How to Apply Hair Serum?

How to Apply Hair Serum? | What is Hair Serum and How to Use It?

Depending on the length and density of your hair, take two to six drops of hair serum in your palm and rub them evenly in both palms to mix them well. For best results, it is applied only to washed hair, so make sure your hair is towel-dried or slightly damp. Throw your hair forward and apply from the ends of your hair upwards. Since the hair serum works well on split ends, massage it into the ends. Quickly lift your head and throw your hair back, then take two to four drops of hair serum and massage it well into the scalp. It is also recommended to take a few more drops and apply all over your hair for an effective application.

Hair Care After Application

Hair Care After Application | What is Hair Serum and How to Use It?

After applying the serum effectively on your hair, brush it down. This will help you comb your hair easily. After applying hair serum, breathe your hair until it is completely dry. If you use hair straightener often, it is necessary to apply the hair serum first and then use the straightener; because the serum will also protect your hair from damage caused by overheating and the breakage that occurs as a result. There are a few things to remember when using hair serums, especially if you haven't used it before and are trying it for the first time:

How Does Hair Serum Help You?

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