4 Steps To Stop Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are one of the most annoying cosmetic problems for women. The formation of cracks, which are mostly seen in the abdomen, hips, thighs and breasts, is caused by the rapid growth of body areas, shaping or excessive weight changes. We have compiled 4 effective methods for fighting cracks for you.

1 - Drink plenty of water

1 - Drink plenty of water | 4 Steps to Stop Stretch Marks

Many factors are effective in crack formation. While some women who are genetically lucky do not have a single crack in any period of their life, some women can have stretch marks with 4-5 kilogram weight changes. Drink plenty of water to take precaution; A moist skin will stretch more easily.

2 - Moisturize your skin

2 - Moisturize your skin | 4 Steps to Stop Stretch Marks

The best crack is the crack that has not yet formed, that is, it must be prevented before cracks occur, with various measures and persistent care. One of the most effective care suggestions is to always moisturize your skin. The oils that fight cracks that you will apply twice a day in the morning and in the evening will increase the stretching capacity of your skin. Get a good moisturizing care oil/conditioner, especially during pregnancy. Our favorite was Bio-Oil.

3 - Stop gaining and losing weight fast

3 - Stop gaining and losing weight fast | 4 Steps to Stop Stretch Marks

Cracks are actually tears in the elastic tissue of the skin as a result of excessive stretching of the skin. Sudden weight ups and downs in your body cause your skin to stretch. Try to fix your weight with a healthy and balanced diet.

4 - Make sport

4 - Make sport | 4 Steps to Stop Stretch Marks

There is less risk of cracking in a flexible body. It is also necessary to do sports to stretch your body. Although pilates and yoga seem to be the most popular options, your daily walks also strengthen your body.

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