Amazing Benefits Of Applying Olive Oil On Your Hair


People have been using olive oil for cooking and home recipes for thousands of years. Some people say that olive oil gives softness, shine, and volume to a person's hair. Some even state that it is good for hair loss and dandruff.

However, research on this subject is very limited.

Is olive oil good for hair? Before replacing your regular conditioner with olive oil, learn about the possible benefits of applying olive oil to your hair.


Researches | Amazing Benefits of Applying Olive Oil on Your Hair

Most people use both shampoo and conditioner for their hair.

Although scientists do not view olive oil as a shampoo or a hair cleansing product, they see it as one of five hair care products that can reduce the friction of hair, lighten hair and reduce breakages.

Although there are not a few people who say that olive oil is good for a person's hair, scientists have done limited studies observing the condition of various oils in hair care.

An evaluation of the studies in 2015 states that oils can play an important role in protecting hair from damage. Because some oils penetrate the hair, reducing the amount of water absorbed by the hair, which reduces swelling in the hair strand.

If the hair doesn't swell that much, it won't shrink that much. Thus, the pressure on the hair is reduced. Decreasing this pressure also reduces the damage he takes.

The same review states that hair absorbs saturated and mono-saturated fats better than polyunsaturated fats. Olive oil is a monounsaturated oil.

Some studies show that other ages can benefit people if applied to hair. An older study from 2007 found that applying coconut oil to hair increased the moisture-holding capacity of the hair more than mineral oils.

In a study from 2003, the effects of different oils on preventing hair damage were examined. Although the research does not directly examine olive oil, it is stated that applying coconut oil can prevent damage to hair proteins.

Although the authors of the study found that coconut oil reduced protein loss in undamaged or damaged hair, mineral oils and sunflower oil did not have the same effects. They got the benefits of coconut by applying it before and after washing the hair.

Since the study did not observe the effects of olive oil on preventing hair damage, we do not know whether olive oil prevents hair damage and if it does, how efficiently it does it.

How to use Olive Oil for hair

How to use Olive Oil for hair | Amazing Benefits of Applying Olive Oil on Your Hair

Those who want to use olive oil for their hair care routine should apply the following method:

There are many different suggestions on how to use olive oil in hair care. There is currently no research showing that certain methods are better. There is no research about who is suitable for this method or which people should use which method.

Most people can safely use olive oil on their hair, so it may be worth trying a few different methods until you see which one is better.

Which Hair Types can see the benefits of Olive Oil?

Which Hair Types can see the benefits of Olive Oil? | Amazing Benefits of Applying Olive Oil on Your Hair

All hair types may not benefit from using olive oil as a cream.

Dry, thick hair will likely benefit more than fine, dry hair. For those with oily, brittle hair, olive oil can make them too oily and heavy.

Other Benefits of Olive Oil for Beauty

Other Benefits of Olive Oil for Beauty | Amazing Benefits of Applying Olive Oil on Your Hair

While there is nothing more than anecdotal about the benefits of olive oil in hair care, it has other potential beauty benefits.

These potential benefits are as follows:


As a result

Although anecdotes state that olive oil can be beneficial in hair care, the amount of research to confirm these claims is quite limited. More research is needed before considering olive oil as a hair care product.

However, if you are not allergic to olive oil, it is safe and easy to apply olive oil to your hair as a beauty product. For most people, the only risk of olive oil for hair is that it may leave them heavy and oily rather than keeping them silky and soft.

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