What Are Benefits Of Rose For Refreshing Skin?


What is the secret to a firm and refreshed youthful skin? Did you know that roses, a romantic and classic gift, actually have an important place in skin care?

1 - Use rose water for a soft skin

1 - Rose water for a soft skin | What Are Benefits of Rose for Refreshing Skin?

Natural rose water, which is distilled drop by drop from fresh roses with traditional methods, helps your skin to have a smooth and fresh appearance with its pore-tightening effect. For example; For your tired-looking and swollen eyes, apply the rose water you keep in the fridge on a cotton ball and apply it under your eyes. You will notice that this region immediately comes to life. It also leaves a natural moisturizing effect during the winter months.

2 - Protects from external factors

2 - Protects from external factors | What Are Benefits of Rose for Refreshing Skin?

Don't forget to discover the antioxidant effect of roses. Natural rose water, rich in antioxidants, protects the skin from external factors, soothes and gives it radiance.

3 - A beauty sleep in roses

3 - A beauty sleep in roses | What Are Benefits of Rose for Refreshing Skin?

Facial oils have started to take an important place in our daily skin care routine. The most striking of these is rose oils. The "Night Rose Elixir" developed by Gülsha accompanies the skin's repair process while you are asleep, helping it to recover, revitalize and achieve a younger appearance. In order to prevent future wrinkles on the skin, essential rose oil, known for its anti-aging effect, increases the elasticity of the skin. All you have to do is drop a few drops of Night Rose Elixir on your palm and apply it to your skin with circular movements. Then all you have to do is enjoy your beauty sleep.

4 - Power of anti-inflammatory in rose!

4 - Power of anti-inflammatory in rose! | What Are Benefits of Rose for Refreshing Skin?

Anti-inflammatory foods contribute to a longer, healthier and more peaceful life. So did you know that roses also contain anti-inflammatory? This substance, which we usually find in red fruits, is also found in roses. Natural hydrolate oil obtained with roses soothes swollen, swollen and red spots on your skin with its anti-inflammatory effect.

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