What Is Hair Botox And How Is It Applied?


Everyone wants to have full, healthy looking and shiny hair. However, due to the structure of the hair and processes such as dye, curling iron and straightening, the hair does not always stay in the desired shape. In such cases, there are treatments you can have both at hairdressers and at home. These treatments add moisture to the hair, prevent frizz and smooth the hair strands.

What is Hair Botox and How is it Applied?

The demand for hair botox, which has become the choice of many women especially in recent years, is increasing day by day. When you say botox, you may think of the preferred method to stay young. However, the application of hair botox has nothing to do with it. Although hair botox shares the same name with botox, which is an anti-wrinkle treatment, it does not actually have a similar aspect in terms of the ingredients in its ingredients. Botox is an application injected under the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, while the application called hair botox consists of products used to treat hair.Hair botox does not contain botulinum toxin like normal botox. The reason why it took the name Botox is because it prevents the confusion in the hair and calms them and for this reason it is likened to botox. Because as you know, botox aims to soften the skin by removing the tension in the facial muscles.

Hair botox does not contain botulinum toxin, and it contains active ingredients that are extremely beneficial for hair. These are usually the following:

Of course, the ingredients here are found in general hair botox. These items may vary depending on the content of the product you use.

How long does the effect of hair botox last?

How long does the effect of hair botox last? | What is Hair Botox and How is it Applied?

Hair botox is a very popular and preferred application recently like keratin application. Some people even prefer to do the application at home. Of course, if you are going to practice at home, finding a reliable product is of great importance. Because if the content of the product you bought is of poor quality, you may have unwanted results. Therefore, it is best to visit a hairdresser you trust. Since the hairdressers buy a lot of hair products then you, they know both the vendors and the products better than you.

It can be said that the effect time of hair botox is between 2-4 months. It is difficult to give a precise range because everyone's hair type is different and therefore the product has a different effect. Of course, the best thing you can do to maintain the result is to use sulfate-free shampoos. Because the salt in sulfate-containing shampoos will cause hair botox to deteriorate.

Is it safe to have hair botox?

There is no harmful substance in hair botox. However, if you are sensitive to any of its ingredients, these may cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. Therefore, be careful not to touch the product on your skin as much as possible. Hair botox repairs your hair strands and provides deep moisturization with keratin. Thus, thanks to the application, damaged and broken areas on your hair strands will be repaired and your hair strands will be fuller and healthier.

Is it safe to have hair botox? | What is Hair Botox and How is it Applied?

Hair botox or keratin treatment?

Keratin care and hair botox are often confused with each other. Keratin care is a chemical treatment usually containing formaldehyde. With formaldehyde, your hair becomes straight and soft. Only formaldehyde ensures long-lasting results in hair. However, it is worth mentioning that as the formaldehyde ratio increases, the time the hair maintains its shape increases. If formaldehyde exceeds a certain limit, it means it is carcinogenic.

Hair botox is a hair care application that does not contain harmful chemicals. So you cannot find formaldehyde in hair botox.

Who should use hair botox?

Who should use hair botox? | What is Hair Botox and How is it Applied?

Hair botox improves the appearance of your hair and your hair becomes healthier, especially if you have worn hair. In particular, it prevents hair frizz and reduces the time you spend on your hair while softening your hair. With hair botox that moisturizes your hair, you can improve the damaged areas on your hair and support hair growth. When you get hair botox, you can see the results instantly. However, as we said, the duration of the effect of hair botox on your hair will vary depending on your lifestyle and hair type.

Anyone can have hair botox application. If you have any type of hair and you want your hair to be calmer and easy to do, you can also have hair botox. However, if you have damaged hair, hair botox is just for you.

We can list the types of hair that can have hair botox as follows:

In addition, all hair worn by straightening, curling, bleaching and dye can apply hair botox.


Applying Hair Botox at Home

Applying Hair Botox at Home | What is Hair Botox and How is it Applied?

If you want to apply hair botox at home, there are some steps you should follow. Of course, first make sure you find a reliable product from a reliable seller. You can get good results if you use quality products.

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